She says to me,

“You get to figure this all out. 
What a beautiful
challenge to overcome.”

She suggests I look
not to the trauma
or the pain
but the fear.
Fear of being left.
Fear of being seen. 

“You look through lenses
scratched and clouded.
You feel through fear.
Until you know your ground,
until you know
what you want
and expect nothing less,
you’ll continue to question.
You’ll continue to feel doubt.”

I look to her
tears decades old
decorate my face. 

“So what now?”

She looks at me with
a knowing smile.

“You already know.” 

Under construction

My craft is my work
navigating conversations
Observing patterns
of thought and behavior
Responding in ways
that can be clearly heard
by the person sitting in front of me.

My art is my listening
the way I allow space
for a person
to freely express all that’s in them.
the light and the dark,
the in between.

My craft is understanding trauma and its presentations.
My art is understanding my own.