3 thoughts on “the perfect blend

  1. This is just one person’s opinion and a little tongue-in-cheek, but there’s something oddly perfect about your poem. Simple yet complex. Descriptive (even erotic) but not overly (nor overtly) so. I’m don’t know every style; did you use one that’s floating out there, or is it purely your own? Also, may I reblog your post? (I must love it so much to wanna start doing this!)

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    1. Jonathan, thank you for your words. I would be honored if you rebloged my work.
      In truth, I write free verse. An idea comes to me and I let it flow, then I go back to edit so it reads like music.
      I won’t claim the style as my own. I am influenced by Rupi Kaur’s work. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Maggie Rodgers lately so I imagine her lyrics have been impacting my writing.
      I don’t know how to describe my style, or if there is a word that describes it. If anyone knows of it please comment. Thanks again for writing to me.
      – 💫Marisa

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      1. You’re welcome, Marisa, and it’s my pleasure to share what you’re cookin’ up. I feel like an idiot for not knowing our successful contemporary, Rupi Kaur! I’m gonna have to buy her book. The only Milk and Honey I’ve known until now is a song by Anderson .Paak. And talking about songs, I haven’t kept up with Maggie Rogers since I saw the interview she did with Pharell for “Alaska.” I’ll have to give her album a thorough listen too. As for editing free verse to be musical, I guess I try do the same subconsciously, at least from what I’ve been told about certain free verses I wrote. Anyway, I’ll have the reblog up shortly. Cheers!


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